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Barney Moran

Beyond consideration of functionality is the critical sanctity of Publishers private statistics. We at P.U.B. consider the safety of the information any app or widget(s) may be gathering, unbeknownst to the unwitting Publisher who installs them.

P.U.B. [Publishers Union of Bloggers] has pending inquires to Widget Providers concerning how they generate their income and what percentage of this income goes to the Blog Publisher making the critical decision to allow a Widget on their site for their readers. In addition we are requesting transparency on the critical issue of how the private statistic from Publishers Blogs are being used, hopefully with the Publisher’s permission!

Currently we are also working with Blog Publishers to track performance hit evaluations of Widgets too.

Will publish these results to keep the community of Blog Publishers informed on this critical component of Widgets on our Blogs.


Barney Moran for P.U.B.


I want strategic business blogs that are written by authorities in the company. Let’s leave the CEOs to the job of running the business and encourage others on their team to help communicate the message and establish the face and personality of the corporation.

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