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Michael E. Rubin, Blog Council

Hi Debbie,

Great list. Here's mine:

* "The Diamond Cutter" by Geshe Michael Roach (recommended by Evelyn Rodriguez)

* "The Nine" by Jeffrey Toobin. Don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by the Supreme Court.

* "Groundswell" by Josh Bernoff. Josh gave an exclusive presentation to the Blog Council, and it hooked me right away.

* "Speed of Trust" by Stephen Covey. It's what our relationship economy is built upon.

* "Getting Things Done" by Dave Allen. Re-reading it again to give myself a moral boost.

* "Star Trek: Strangers from the Sky". Just because.

Debbie Weil

Thanks Michael. Good reminder about GTD. I've read it several times. Never seem to be able to put it into practice. But it's comforting, somehow, to listen to his system for getting the clutter out of your head.

Teresa Morrow


I love to read and saw your comment on twitter so I thought I would add my list.

"Million Dollar Networking" by Andrea Nierenberg

"Meatball Sundae" by Seth Godin

"Good to Great" by Jim Collins
"Guts" by Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

And several magazines like Pink, WE Magazine for Women, O and Paula Deen.
Happy Reading everyone!

Shana Glickfield

Many of these are also on my list. Plus, I just got a Kindle so I'm eager to start downloading! How is there not a Marketing Book Club in DC yet??

Justin Thorp

I hope you'll be blogging your thoughts and reactions and you dig into each of these different books!

Andre Blackman

Many of these are also on my reading list Debbie! Thanks for sharing :)


Hi Debbie,

Nice list you posted here, I liked this post quite a lot, seems like you got good taste when it comes to reading. Some of the mentioned books are on my reading list for a future and I have already read "Speed of Trust" by Stephen Covey and I encourage people to read it, I liked it and found it useful.

rainforest alliance coffee

How nice of you! I think it's very interesting and maybe you could share some of those to us.

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