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Jeremy Wright

Yep. Short and simple. Besides, even stupid companies want to be smart ;-)

Good luck with this project Debbie. I'm just finish mine up in the next couple of weeks (release in 2005, obviously). Can't wait to buy yours, as I've been a longtime reader :)

Debbie Weil

Thanks Jeremy. I saw your link to the Amazon listing for your blog book - congrats!

Jeremy's title and sub-title: "Blog Marketing: The Revolutionary New Method to Increase Sales, Growth, And Profits"

David Petherick

Good sub-title, but I think if you drop "and Employees" you'll get more focus from small businesses - depends on what size of organisation you want to target.

Customers and Stakeholders would be a better option, in the UK at least.

Best Regards, David

PS: Alien polyglots abducted my blog - take a look!

David Perry

It answers the most difficult question: What's in it for me?

Nicely done.

David Saunders

Yes Debbie. Nice and simple.

Congratulations on the book too I aways read your email.

I think, with the book, write as you would speak. I have found that corporate clients are very slow to understand what a blog is - still.

Warm regards



I'd recommend, "How Smart Companies Are Changing the Channel for Open Communication". I like this because it highlights the new medium (channel) of blogs for communication, and blogs are "open" because they encourage immediately dialogue in communication, instead of one-way broadcast messaging!

Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff

As a business and marketing coach as well as a writer/editor and ghostwriter of books and articles I would suggest these titles ...

Blog: How Today's Companies Communicate with Customers and Employees

Blog: How Smart Companies Communicate

Blog: Smart Communications for Smart Companies

Kind Regards,
Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff

Lynella Grant

I'd change the subtitle:
How blogs are changing the way smart companies speak to customers

Please place some emphasis on the mindset of the companies and how it must change if a blog is to really connect. It's not about the method/mechanics but the effectiveness of direct communication. Mostly, employees hide behind the impersonality and barriers of the organization. But blogging with jargon and corporate speak is a turnoff. That negates the person-to-person bonding that a blog permits. Ultimately, the person must "show themself", which flies in the face of corporate culture.

Ann Marie Yee

I'd drop the who and the how and go with "Smart Talking". Employees and companies implies corporate and therefore a limited readership. You don't want to alienate people before they even open the book. Besides it's too long and pretty daggy.

Keep your options open though, often the title comes from something you discover along the way.

Jacob Bøtter

Good sub title, but don't forget that it's probably even more important to listen to your customers. Just talking won't get you anywhere, you need to get out in the blogosphere, read entries on other blogs and comment too. And you need to pay attention to the comments made on your blog.

In my opinion you should make it "How Smart Companies Are Talking and Listening to Their Customers and Employees" or "How Smart Companies Are Having Conversations with Their Customers and Employees"

The last one is my favorite, it makes you get rid of the "to" which is a bit hostile if you ask me.

Michele Matthews

How Smart Companies Have Real Dialogue with Their Customers and Employees.

I also like the word 'communicate' versus 'talk to'.



Maiya Rose Benda

Hmmm - first impressions on the subtitle - I'd change it to reflect what I've really learned from you and other blog masters: blogs build personal relationships and true customer loyalty.

The very medium - journal entry, impromptu, insider-secret style - makes us as clients feel special.

People want to buy from people. And blogging makes that buy/sell relationship personal.

Congratulations and have a blast,
Maiya Rose

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

How Smart Companies are Stealing Your Customers...with Online Conversations

Do corporations want to talk to customers? Most do not. They only want to sell.

Most companies have only one thing to say: "Buy my product".

Most companies have only one thing they want to hear: "Love your product. How can I buy more?"

What is the biggest problem facing corporations?


How do blogs help corporations achieve credibility?

By making candid, two-way conversations possible.

Toss these ideas around, then work them into the subtitle.


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