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Tracey Dooley

Congrats on the book deal, Debbie.

Now, I'm a bit of a 'blogging' novice, but I do try to follow your WordBiz Report tips and news. One day, I might even get round to blogging myself (my To Do list is longer than the Nile River!).

Anyway, you asked for ideas for the book...

I've just thought: is there a kind of blogging Oscars? You know, where people get awards for the best or most visited/successful/commercial blogs? That might be an idea to include, with profiles of winners and how and why they got their blog to where it is.

Also, as an ex journalist (but with a journalist's insatiable appetite for nosiness), I'd be interested in reading the benefits of blogs for journalists and/or writers in general.

How about looking at the use of webblogs in academia and in business, and see how they compare?

Finally, I'm sure it's covered, but what about blogs versus online newsletters?

I don't know how useful this lot is, but I do hope you find it helps in some way.

And all the best for a successful book launch!

Tracey Dooley - great copy that sparkles as it sells

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