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Jeremy Wright

This is who I was targeting as well. Best of luck Debbie. I enjoyed my project, and I'm sure you'll enjoy yours!


One more to add to your list -

"The Everything Blogging Book" by AP Sherman-Risdahl - 2006 (Adams Media).

Debbie Weil

Thanks Toby. I remember Aliza Sherman from her Cybergrrl days! Believe it or not, I was the co-founder of the Washington DC chapter of this group.

Ted Demopoulos

What, me? Write a book? Shel who??
Yes, we are writing and I must admit having fun (along with the prerequisite frustrations of course). Hope you're having as much fun as we are.

"Fear of Blogging" - Is that a Talking Heads album?? The one where the album cover is textured like a manhole cover?

Mitch Joel

Hi Debbie,

I just finished reading Buzz Marketing With Blogs by Susannah Gardner. Although it is a Dummies Guide, I thought she covered the basics and the corporate side to Blogging very effectively.

Here's her URL:


hello world!


my name is murava! are you?

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