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Although I didn't think I'd like the title, it actually looks really good on the cover.

Simple, which I obviously like, and clean.

Good luck !


I like the style. It fits! How exciting, Debbie!

Michael Stoner

So, I'd guess it's about, maybe, blogging? Seriously: clean, graphic, lots of white space. I like it.

Donna Tocci

Congrats! Must be exciting to see your name on the cover of a book.

Paul Rosenfeld

I LOVE the entire thing. I love the art and love the name!

Sharlyn Lauby

Ditto. Nice graphic, clean image. It's a winner!

Tim Collins

Love the cover, but would suggest calling it "The Business Blogging Book."

Craig Killick

Perhaps you could change the speech bubble illustration to make it seem like it is echoiiiiinng...

Michael Lent


I think your close coupling with the image/goodwill/aura? of GM gets riskier by the day--just like the news emanating from the company and its watchers.

The overpowering, corrosive odor is failure, not success. It makes the GM blog a "so what?" kind of curiosity at best, no matter how good it is.

You might consider diminishing the GM content in the book and on the cover.

I know this may be unlike some other comments on your blog, but I wanted you to hear it in any case.

Good luck with the final tasks of
getting published.

Michael Lent

Debbie Weil

Interesting comment, Michael. But too late. We're going with the GM foreword.

And I think you're wrong, BTW. The fact that GM is suffering financially only makes its blog MORE interesting.

Ted Demopoulos

I absolutely love the cover!
Reminds me of Dr Suess' "Horton Hears a Who." The story would be much different in modern times with the Internet and "Who Blogs" etc.

The GM foreward is interesting, and GMs good or bad times make it no less valuable.

Philippe Borremans

Hi Debbie,

Looks great and will certainly be on my shopping list (and no, not because...;-)

Can I pre-order somewhere or is that too soon ?

Take care and all the best for the launch.

Debbie Weil

Thanks Philippe! Believe it or not, the book is already listed on Amazon and you CAN pre-order it! Here's the link. The way they've got the listing set up, it looks like Bob Lutz is the co-author. Nope. He wrote the foreword. They're gonna fix that:


hello world!


my name is murava! are you?

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